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Hi Rich! Thanks so much for getting back to me with regards to the email I
tried to send you. My computer can't seem to send a whole bunch of pictures
at one time. So I will send you two pictures at a time. Just to update you
on these pictures, they are of The Red Barn located on Dundas Street in
Mississauga, Ontario. Back in the early 1970's this building was out in the
sticks and I remember sitting outside the restaurant and watching dairy cows
on a nearby farm out in the field. In those days I believe this area was
known as Cooksville and later became the city of Mississauga.
I grew up in Etobicoke which is now the city of Toronto. By car it was about
10 minutes from my house to The Red Barn. As I stated in the guest book part
of your website, The Red Barn was a big part of my youth. Almost every
Saturday morning my aunt would pick my sister and myself up in her 1969
Dodge Dart and off to the Red Barn we went. We loved eating at the barn and
for a young kid back in the early 1970's this was a real treat. Burgers and
fries were the usual order and man were they ever tasty. I will never forget
those trips to the barn and will always cherish those fond memories forever.

The original building is still there but the area around it has changed
dramatically. What was once fields and farms is now all built up and most of
the people around there today wouldn't have any clue about what this
building was originally. I visited the old barn just yesterday and it sure
brought back alot of memories. It is a Mr.Sub now and while eating my sub I
looked around at the inside and there are still reminders of the past. The
red brick interior is still there and the weather vanes are still visible on
the peaked roof. It was kinda sad to think we will never see The Red Barn
again and all that remains is pictures and memories.

I was so happy to find your amazing website and was gonna send you these
pictures back in the spring but ended up in hospital after a serious
accident. I know someone has already sent you a picture of this location but
I figured I would send my photos anyway. I sure hope you can add them to
your list as a tribute to a great restaurant. I no longer live in the area
and now live about 60 miles north of Toronto. Even so I do drive by this
building the odd time and can still picture in my mind the building as it
once was. Those wonderful days may be gone forever but they sure won't be

Thank again for the trip down memory lane and if you ever need anything just
give me a shout. I would be most happy to help in anyway I can. Take care
and best wishes from one Canadian to you for your awesome tribute to The Red

Chat & Chew, Warren, OH
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