814-368-3733, 545 E Main st. Bradford PA 16701
"The Farm"  Bradford, PA
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On 5/20/07 Pete Ceci mentioned there may be a Farm restaurant still in operation in Bradford, PA.
I passed this info on to the sites MVP's, Rick and Georgie, and 3 days later we have pictures!
Both Rick and Georgie give the food two thumbs up...it's Red Barn Food!
Owner, Ginny Butler was more then happy to give Rick and Georgie full access to take pictures for Barnbuster.net, Thanks Ginny!  We can't thank Rick and Georgie enough for taking the time and effort to make the 7 hour round trip, but they did get to eat Red Barn chicken and Big Barney's!!!
Chicken with Salad Bar
The "Farm Boy"  (Big Barney)
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Building being remodeled for indoor restrooms, building still has the original outside restrooms
Owner, Ginny Butler, Thank you for letting us use these pictures!
Jim Butler, Doug & Ginny's son
I don't know how Rick got into the food prep area, looks like one of the original "chicken cabinets"
Front counter area/menu board
Drive thru menu board
Salad Bar
Original full size Red Barn sign frame
East Main St., Bradford, PA
CLEAN Dining area
All photos courtesy of Rick and Georgie Johnson
Only a true Red Barner would know "the keil"
The Farm Family restaurant is located at 545 E. Main Street, Bradford Pa. on the east side of town. It is a family oriented fast food operation open 7 days per week. It offers a breakfast, lunch & dinner menu, similar to other fast food operations but with a larger variety & more nutritious menu.

The original structure was built in 1968 and first opened as a unit of the Red Barn chain. The Red Barn was purchased in 1976 by Pete Ceci who also owned restaurants in Meadville, Johnsonburg, Sharon Pa, Olean NY. & Cleveland, Oh. Mr. Ceci changed the name to the Farm Family Restaurant in 1982 due to the declining reputation of the Red Barn chain. Stiff competition along with financial difficulties closed all but the Sharon & Bradford locations by 1987. Mr. Ceci filed for bankruptcy in 1989 & on May 14, 1990 the business in Bradford was sold to Doug & Ginny Butler along with partners Dave & Sandy Norgrove. The Butlers & Norgroves also purchased the building & real estate. In 1992 the Butlers purchased the Norgroves share of the business & have been the sole proprietors since that time.

Breakfast is served everyday – all day long. Customers order at the counter then seat themselves and the food is delivered to them. All breakfast is cooked to order, with eggs (any style), bacon, sausage or ham. 5 varieties of toast, hash browns or homefries, pancakes, French toast, sausage gravy over biscuits. Breakfast sandwiches on bagels, biscuits, croissants, English muffins or toast are available.

Lunch & dinner menu offers a large variety of sandwiches, dinners with chicken, fish or shrimp. An all you can eat soup & salad bar with 30+ items and 12 dressing choices. Many side orders are also available including popcorn chicken, chicken nuggets, French fries, cole slaw, potato wedges, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, taco salad & more. Chicken is available by the tub and is still pressure fryer cooked and same great Red Barn taste!