Taken in 1972. Al Holmes Area Supervisor on the left and myself on the right. At the time I was the Store Manager of Unit #512 on Good Hope Road in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was this day when Mr. Holmes came by to announce that he was being transferred to the St Louis market and being replaced in Milwaukee by Tom Grote
Our salad bar being prepared by one my finest employees of all time, Nancy Kalivoda.

My Supervisor, Al Holmes on the left and myself on the right on our last day as he was being transferred to the St Louis market. Mr. Holmes was more than my Supervisor, he was my mentor. Through his great leadership, he taught me  work ethic, discipline and excellent example setting. Characteristics that allowed me to go on to success throughout my life.

1972, Unit #512,  Good Hope Road in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Left to right, incoming  Area Supervisor Tom Grote,  Area Supervisor Al Holmes and myself.

My name is Randy Smith. I proudly worked for The Red Barn System from 1971
and until the demise of the organization. I started as an Assistant
Manager Trainee in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and finished as a Business
Consultant for the Western Region. Some of the fondest memories of my life
revolve around my time with The Red Barn System. I still have several
color photos taken inside a Red Barn at a time when I was a Store Manager
in Milwaukee
Hi Rich,
Thank you Randy, I know everyone will enjoy your photos!