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1980's Lobby Sign
Sent by a Red Barn VP
Thank you Bruce!
Denver, CO  October 1967
Thanks again Robby!
Denver, CO  November 1967
Thanks Robby
Kansas City  May 1969
Thanks  Robby
Louisville, KY  June, 30th 1964
Our Thanks one more time to Robby!
1960's soft drink cup
Our Thanks to Marc Tritle
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1970's Large Fries Box
Pop cap
Rick and Georgia Johnson collection
Denver, CO 
Thanks again Robby!
Erie, PA  1964
From left, Dennis Tully, Bill Bonnert, Mark Chaplin, Dave Hopperstadt, Steve Erickson, and Steve Chaplin. We all worked at the Bloomington Red Barn on 90th and Penn back in the 70's.
Thanks Steve!
Mark Chaplin wearing a Red Barn Shirt and tie, holding a Red Barn holiday glass. 
Thanks to Steve Chaplin.