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Family receiving Olympic Airways tickets and travel bags in front of the Red Barn restaurant : Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Battlestar Galactica Placemats

1970's Food Bags
Thanks to Mark Jones

Dear Rich,
My husband, John Fulton, since deceased, painted over 150 murals that were installed in the Red Barn Restaurants.They were 5'X 30'.  We painted them in 5'sections by taping them to our front room walls, used a slide projector, painted the colors with 3" paint rollers and then the black outline with a brush. In the mid to late 60's we rented a garage and were able to do them in one piece.  We usually shipped them by bus to Dayton, Ohio.  This was a late night-early morning trip to the Indianpolis bus station.  I probably have some photos from the Indianapolis Red Barn.  I will have to look.  Thanks for the memories.  Jenean Fulton Stone

Hi Rich,
John also did one (1) for a Wells Fargo Restaurant in Evansville, IN.  It is the photo
of him working on it.  I read someplace there were 300 Red Barn Restaurants.  I remember us doing only about 150. Maybe they decided it was too expensive for the rest of the restaurants.  I think we were paid $135 each!! 

FYI.  We 'got into it" by a man (Lyman McLallan) in Indianapolis who owned a
couple Howard Johnson's. We did a lot of photography and other work for him,
so when  he was going to open the Red Barn there he suggested to the owners (I
remember the name Six) that John could do the murals. ---and the rest is
history.  Jenean Fulton Stone

Photos were placed on my Facebook page by Jenean's daughter Cindy Trowbridge
Indianapolis, 1963
Thanks to Gary Salem
Our friend Gary Salem with a gallon of the original Big Barney sauce made by Big Gus of Cleveland, OH
Isn't he cute!  (I mean Big Gus)!
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