The Farm
Red Barn Food Lives!
Phone: 262-634-1267
3810 Durand Ave Racine, WI 53405
Please do not call the restaurant and ask if they will mail food to your location, they will not.
They also do not have Red Barn memorabilia for sale, just ask Rick Johnson.
Hello Rich!   Famous author Teresa Rae Butler here. As promised, I am
delivering the only RED BARN fully running and operating in the World
quite possibly. The only catch is that it is called THE FARM, but it has
all the same stuff the original Red Barn had. For instance, it has the
FARMBUSTER HAMBURGERS instead of the original BARNBUSTER. I ordered one
with cheese, CHEESEBUSTER and the fries, and a HOT FUDGE SUNDAY and guess
what else? The CHICKEN! The food is AWSOME! Seemingly the same as RED BARN
used to serve! I included pictures of the food and my latest two novels
ENTREPRENUBIAN ROYALTY." In the book, "God, I Respect Ya Gangsta," part
two of the Trilogy,  the main character tells a story of going to the RED
BARN when she was little, so all of this ties into each other, because
famous author, TERESA RAE BUTLER would- Have- to be the only person to
send this great discovery in to your site... now wouldn't she?
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That's right, Red Barn food lives!  These pictures came courtesy of our new friend Teresa Rae Butler.  These are photos of "The Farm" Restaurant
in Racine, Wisconsin.  This is a full functioning Red Barn like restaurant with Cheesebusters and Chicken dinners!
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In the late 80'S as the Red Barn system was going into Chapter 11, and Motel 6 was closing all of the company stores, a group of franchisees were
left with barn buildings and no Red Barn name.  The franchisees got together (including my family) and decided to change all of their once Red Barns to "The Farm".  This worked for a good while, but the consistency between restaurants was gone.  I was shocked to see
that at least one is still in business.  All I have of my family's Farm restaurants is the plastic cup pictured on this page.
Please enjoy Teresa photos, she's not only pretty, but is also a very famous author.  Enjoy!

Teresa Rae Butler
Teresa's books
I would love to get a night video of this sign with the running lights.  If anyone has a video
camera and is in the area, a 30 second would be great!
Chicken Dinner
Teresa's books with a "Farm" chicken wing
Original food promo picture for The Farm Restaurant
Picture provided by Pete Ceci III
(more about Pete Ceci Jr. and the Red Barn later)