5723 West Burleigh St, Milwaukee Wisconsin
East 40th and St. Clair, Cleveland OH
"R" & "G" Johnson
I found your sight thanks to a friend (Cliff/Wixy) I remember going to
Red Barn when I was a kid.I remember there being four in the Akron
area although there were probably more. Two are gone and two are
still standing. Cliff send you a picture of one. I have a few more of
that one and of another.
This set is from the bldg at 639 Cuyahoga Falls Ave. in Akron Ohio.
It's now some kind of discount clothing store.
One of these days I'll have to head on over to our main library or
the historical society and see if they have phone books for 1977
and see where the Red Barns in town were and go look.

Enjoy and thanks for the great memories. I'll give out your URL on
my radio show one of these Sunday nights so others can enjoy it.

Mike Dane
WSTB-FM 88.9

These photos are from the Bldg at 3403 Kent Rd in Stow Ohio.
As you can see it is now the home of Brandon Heating. The red
brick is showing on the back of the bldg.

Hope you have a great day.

Mike Dane
WSTB-FM 88.9

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