I met up with a fellow employee, Angelo Pizzo at our 35 Year High School reunion, (Ron Crenshaw on the left, Angelo Pizzo on the right).  We believe the Store was called Red Barn #13 Incorporated.
The owners at the time owned the Red Barn and the Ponderosa Steak house next door as well. (See Photo)   We started out as being the Night Shift Grill Boy.  In the early 70’s, our Red Barn Store called the guys who ran the back grill, Grill Boys.

The Grill Boy Duties would include:
Running the back grill, pressure cookers, mop after a customer or employee spills, empty trash cans, help fill shake machines.

Clean bags of frozen chickens, separating and the removal of fatty tissues and extra skin, counting parts to equal 1 Head of chicken: 2 wings, 2 legs, 2 breast, 2 thighs, and 1 keel, 9 pieces in all.

The Manager would tell the Grill Boy how many Head to bread and cook in the pressure cooker.  When the chicken was done, spread them on a tray and into the warmer. To be sure there was plenty of water in the bottom water tray of the warmer to keep the chicken from drying.

Before the night shift Grill Boy went home, the trash cans must be emptied.

Clean the Grill and empty the grill excess oil tray.

Shut Down the Vats that cooks the Fries, Fish and Chicken pressure cooker.

Night shift Gill Boy must clean up trash lying in the parking lot.

Sweep and Mop the floors, around the front tables, cashiers area, Grill area, and managers office area.

Shut down cooking air vent blowers. 

Remove cooking vent filters, place them in the sink with cleaning solutions, which the day shift Grill Boy will clean the filters in the morning, place them back in before the air vent blowers can be turned on.

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