Barns Gone Bye 12
RB #105 at 2975 E. Colfax Av. in Denver, Co. is now a Starbucks and on the outside looks much the same as it did ,except for the color, as it did the first time I saw it on April 23,1969.
photos courtesy of Jacob Painter
RB #96 at 4509 Harlan in Wheatridge, Co. is now a boat store and has been somewhat modified.
photo courtesy of Jacob Painter

RB #215 at 11430 E. Colfax Av. in Aurora, Co. This one has been modified several times. It was once a taco place, but now it is a pawn shop. I heard someplace that the Market St. store in Akron became a porn shop so I'm glad that none of the remaining buildings here never suffered that indignity.
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Former Red Barn in San Jose,CA
Now called the Burger Barn
Former Red Barn in CA
Located across from the googie Mervyn's sign. The exterior of both the sign and building remain relatively intact, Boda Restaurant.
Thanks Robby!

Fox news 2/26/08
St. Claire Shores, A suburb of Detroit, MI
Thanks to Kirk Tirakian
Thyme Restaurant is at 716 N. Court St. in Medina Ohio
Thanks to John H. Wadsworth, OH

Pearl Road and Snow Road in Parma, OH
Thanks to Patricia Kimble
1240 Mendocino Ave. in Santa Rosa,CA
41608 Fremont Blvd. in Fremont,CA
Corto's Salon, South Park Ave. Hamburg NY
Our thanks to Nora in New York
Crackers Powersports is 744 S. State Road 57, Washington IN 47501
Thanks to John Brewer

Corto's Salon, South Park Ave. Hamburg NY
Our thanks to Greg Pierce