Barns Gone Bye 3
St. Barnabas Road, Marlow Heights, Maryland
Our thanks to our good friend Chuck Fraley at:
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I don't actually remember the Red Barn. My husband does. Over the years he has told me and the boys about the Red Barn. I finally got curious enough to go on-line and search for the Red Barn and found this site. I've looked at the photos that you have and noticed that you have very few photos from Canada. I live in Hamilton, ON, Canada. Here is a photo of what used to be the Red Barn in Hamilton, ON located at 130 Queenston Rd.  Sherry

Sorry about the general crappiness of this picture. (I touched it up as best I could)
I only got a chance to snap one picture because while I was setting up for another, the
Yorkville "boys in  blue" pulled a U-turn and came back to tell me I was in violation of
some local ordinance about photography in or around adult businesses. I hope you can still use it. If I get a better shot I of course will forward it to you.  John

Elmira, New York
14th and Vine  Cincinnati, OH
(This photo is from
1968 Grand Opening State College, PA
Our THANKS to Todd Summers for the photo

Brewerton Rd. (Rt. 11) N.Syracuse, NY
Our Thanks to Greg & Brian Nies
Burger Barn
2485 Forest Ave, San Jose
Our Thanks to our good friend Paul Cutter
2006 State College, PA
Our THANKS to Mark Summers for the photo

And our THANKS to Huge Summers for over seeing the State College project.

Burger Barn
2485 Forest Ave, San Jose
Our Thanks again to Matt Trujillo
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