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1970's Chicken Snack Box
1960's Coffee Cup
1960's Shirt patches.
1975 Frisbee.
Rare Hungries Clock, 100 made.
1960's Vinyl Bow Tie and tie clip
Duncan yo-yos
1971 Iron-on transfer
1972 Jr.Manager
Early 70's patches
Late 70's patch
70's Take Out Bag
Late 1970's Red Barn employee hat.
Thanks to Dennis Long for the photo
1963 Plastic rain hat and case
1971 Sugar Packet
1970's Draw string plastic take out bag
1960's Trick or Treat Bag
Original sign concept 1961
1977 Silverwoods Ice cream, buy one, get one free
Ontario, Canada
"Hello. My name is Jim. My wife and I used to love the Red Barn. We grew up
in the SanFransisco Bay Area. The red barn was located in SanLeandro Ca.
Also had one in Castro Valley Ca.. The reason I am emailing you is this. I
am a ham radio operator. I was just talking to a fellow ham on my radio when
fast food came up in our conversation. We both agreed that the Red Barn was
a great restaurant and we haven't seen one around for at least 20 plus
years. According to your web site. They no longer exist. This is very sad to
me and will be to my wife as well when I tell her about this web site. We
kinda thought that maybe there was still Red Barns elsewhere other than here
in Ca. I would greatly appreciate it if  you could explain to me why Motel 6
didn't see fit to keep the chain going".  Thanks. Jim.  copyright ©  2003-2009 Rich Perrott
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and may not be used in any form without written permission of site owner.

1972 Issue number 1, Hamburger Hungry comic book (rare)
Click to see inside!
1973 Iron-on transfer
1971 Trick or Treat Bag
Late 1970's Red Barn Manager hat.
Rick and Georgia Johnson Collection
1970's Placemat
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1970's Placemat
1970's Placemat
1960's Sugar Packet