Memphis May 26,1962
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Memphis, October 16,1964

Our thanks again to Robby Delius

Raleigh, May 4,1968

Red Barn President Jack Lee, and Floyd Little, opening up the 200th Red Barn in Denver, early 70s or very late 60s.  Floyd Little played for the Broncos in the 60s and 70s.
Photo used by permission from John and Mike Lee, Thank you!
From the St Clair Shores, MI Red Barn, located at 9 Mile and Harper.
Our Thanks to Ron Lynch
Our thanks again to Robby Delius

Magic erasable slate
1970's Bolo Ties
4/16/64 Cleveland, OH
9/10/65 Louisville, KY
Wooden Nickel
Big Barney Collar
Put around Big Barney so it would not smash after being wrapped
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Rick and Georgia Johnson collection
Rick and Georgia Johnson collection
Early 60's hat, first standard issue
70's Discount coupon book