Hey Rich!
I like your Red Barn site! I found out about it from another web site. www.marlowheights60sand70s.com
I use to go to the Red Barn in Marlow Heights, MD back in the 1970`s. I still have an old Washington Redskins football guide from 1973 that Red Barn gave out free with every order of a Chicken dinner. I was 10 years old back then & just starting to be a Redskins fan with my dad! I guess that's why I've kept it so long.  I thought you might like to see it.
Keep up the good work, Rob Taylor
Once again one of our visitors has come up with another one-of-a-kind piece of Red Barn history.
Our THANKS to Rob Taylor from Maryland for sending in this GREAT Redskins guide from 1973.
Hey Rich,
Glad you like the guide! Feel free to use the pictures. Here are some more for you from the inside front & back covers of the guide. And also the Redskins pages! Maybe I should have sent you the Eagles or Steelers pages being that you are in PA.

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1976 Niagara Falls on the Canadian side.
Notice the "69 cents" is painted over between Chicken and Dinners.
Rick and Georgia Johnson collection
Red Barn Collection Cup for the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany
Our Thanks to Angelo Pizzo
Sent in by Ronald Crenshaw, anyone have any ideal what this football promotion was about?
Let us know!
Cleveland Call and Post
November 15, 1969

Cleveland Press
July 2, 1971

Raleigh, NC 3/2/68
Stained Glass (plastic) window topper
(I'll get this out of your basement soon Rick, I promise)
             Red Barn's January Special Printing Plate early 1970s
Cincinnati area

Hamburger Trio  59 cents - Hamburger, French Fries and a 12 oz Coke
Hunger Beating, Inflation Fighting, Son-of-a-Gun Delicious, locations Colerain, 2 on Reading Rd., Harrison, and Vine at Mercer.
Also has the Coke symbol with "It's the real thing."

Accounting Manual
Milk Shake Cup
The football contest was an internal competition between outlets.  The area supervisor would visit the outlets unscheduled and would award  plus or minus yardage based upon what he found.  Our outlet won the contest for those restaurants in the DC Area.  Our awards were the selection of a prize from a gift catalogue.  I chose a mens jewelery chest for the top of my dresser.  Ernie Reckling