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Our thanks to Steven Henry of Ottawa
Our thanks to Steven Henry of Ottawa
1976 Birthday Club Letter
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Hello there. I'm not sure if you can help me with this request
or not but it's worth a shot. When my fiance', Greg, was a little
boy, he was enrolled in the Red Barn birthday club. On the day of
his birthday he received a letter from The Red Barn, his FIRST
letter ever. Unfortunately,  before he could get to the
mail....his sister Diane had opened his letter. Needless to say he
was crushed. To this day, 30 + years later,  he still talks about
'The Red Barn Birthday Club Incident'. Help me bring closure to
this once and for all PLEASE!! Do you know of any such club and if
so, what sort of letter would they have sent him? Although it is a
big joke amongst the family, I would love to be able to present
him with a sealed letter on our wedding day!

Hi Sue,
The Shirt and letter will go out air mail first thing in the morning.  I
sent a large along with the 2X, god knows I
have more  T-shirts then I know what to do with!  I added color to the
birthday letter so it's a perfect match
to what it should of looked like in 1976.  Please do not send money,
It's my pleasure to grant you this wedding
wish.  Although, a photo of your new husband in his wedding tux wearing a
Red Barn T-shirt...(just kidding).
Your package should be there in 6-9 days.
Have a great life.
Dear Rich;
I don't know what to say. That is amazing. I actually cried when I read
your email because this truly was a shot in the dark!! Please let me know
what I owe you for the letter, shirt and postage..I think I am more
excited about this than the wedding!!! Greg's last name is B------,
T-shirt size would be XXL and please send it to my office
Atten: Sue  British Columbia Canada.
I am absolutely stunned and overjoyed. Thank you so much!


1970 Birthday Club postcard