Hamburger Hungry VS. Ernie
In the Fall of 1971 Children's Television Workshop found too many similarities in the Hamburger Hungry character and Ernie from Sesame Street.  As a result, a hat was added to Hamburger Hungry's head to cover the Ernie like trademark hair, and the turtle neck sweater was changed to  a V-neck  shirt
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One for the Grillmen.
1975 Red Barn Christmas Album
1974 Bullets Schedule
Match Book
1973 Card Tricks
Remember TV Magic Cards?
1975 Canadian menu ticket.
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3 year pin
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1970's toy air plane

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1970's Key Ring

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1970's Hamburger Hungry Inflatable
10 year pin

15 year pin

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1978 Bullets photo
Red Barn Napkins
I bought these on ebay and have no clue what I did with them!
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